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Wife was making sounds of ecstasy.

He then proceeded to throw my wife on the bed, climb on top of her an began pounding her. Wife was making sounds of ecstasy that in the 11 years of marriage never heard before and not only the volume but the actual sounds.

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Wife and her lover.

Last night wife had one tremendous sex dream. She really creamed her panties. She even thinks she orgasmed.

Wife and her lover
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She wanted to fuck

Last night she wanted to fuck and as we were she kept calling me his name.

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My sexy wife

One more event recently: i told wife that when she gives me a bj, I want her to drop the cum and spit from her mouth into mine. She would never have done this before, but three days ago she did. told her it’s good for my training.
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My wife aggressively attacked his 10.

I stared through the window and watched as my wife aggressively attacked his 10” penis with her mouth before slipping a condom on him. He then proceeded to throw her on the bed, climb on top of her an began pounding her.

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She is beautiful. Her hubby and her lovers are luck men.

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My whore wife.

When I walked into the bedroom to my amazement but not being very surprised by it my wife was underneath this behemoth of a man getting pounded and from the sounds of it very much enjoying herself.

My whore wife
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Blow job for boy friend

They met after work, and had a drink. She offered to give BF a BJ.

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Our family life

After the brief relationship ended with that young man she decided that she didn’t want to complicate our hectic family life with a male lover so for the past 6 months or so she has laid low.

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Wife gave a bj to her fucker.

On way home i detoured to a place where i knew wifey gave a bj to her “fucker.” It was a little parking area, about one mile from our home. Her “lover” wanted to go into the woods and was begging to fuck wifey there.

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