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Cleaning her well used vagina is as big a turn on for her as it is for me, and when she cums, it is absolutely ferocious. I love watching her with other men, either one on one, or in a group or adult book store environment.

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My wife and I are both bi, she is a pretty and sexy BBW. In our relationship, there is no humiliation, and no dishonesty. She always tells me where she is going, and who she will be with.

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Very happy cuck I love serving my slut wife and her hugley hung dom masters!!! Usually 2 to 5 at a time i get to clean double cream pies.

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I’ve had several cuck experiences that were all incredibly intense and enjoyable.

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I should have known better. When I met my third wife she was just 20 while I was 48. She moved to my town,we met & hooked up, she got pregnant & we married then I found out much later that she had virtually been run out of her home town after breaking up 3 marriages by letting married men fuck her at will.
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I myself enjoy being cuckolded, but I also enjoy cuckolding another man. I like the entiire lifestyle :)

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The girls would pick who they wanted and I always had final approval. Before any cuckolding begins we’ve always agreed on modest set of rules for both saftey and the sake of being discreat.

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Originally I liked watching girlfriends/lovers masturbate, use dildoes etc.

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I’m a 47 year old cuck i’ve been married to my wife for 30yrs and she has been cuckolding me for about 10yrs and the last six of those with one bull who she has moved into our home this year .I am only allowed to clean up her and her bull and wank now.

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I’m a cuck now due to medical reasons. My cock will no longer get as hard as I would like and I gave my wife loving permission to find others to satisfy her needs. Gotta love once being the man fucking his wife and now being the cuckold cleaning her.

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