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I have been a cuck for about 2 years now. My wife heard about this lifestyle from a good friend. She had told her freind about my little dick and how she loved me but had not ever sastified sexually, and how she felt she needed a long fat real cock up her pussy but she didn’t want to leave me or secretly cheat. So her friend told her about cuckolding. She came home and told me how we were going to live from now on, because she really needs a real cock to please her and I was going to help her fuck them, watch. and clean her up afterwards with my tongue while I wore panties.

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My husband has always been the dominant one and I was submissive. However, after some medical issues and seeing how much better a hung black man can fuck me, he is better off wearing the panties. The only problem is that his mind still works like a bull. So, just watching me get fucked, just doesn’t do much for him. With me being naturaly submissive, I have a very hard time coming up with anything that even comes close to what he would do to a cuck. Sorry, kinda off subject, he has been a bull type and now enjoys the cuck side.

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Watched my first and second wives with other men. Now I’m on my third and she’s nowhere near screwing another guy…but I have hope.

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I have to say that in my case I have also been the Bull and the cuck… I find both extremely pleasurable. I have 2 ladies that throughly enjoy going home with me in them or on them to their unsuspecting husbands. I also thoroughly enjoy my wife being out and coming home with somethig for me to enjoy.

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I’ll never forget my first time mmmmmm his sister was in the other room watching me man what a turn on. Both hands on that shaft, head the size of a plumb. I could barely fit it in my mouth,,,damn. Had him give me a facial on the couch, with his sister cheering him on I wore that beauty out, hell he went into take a piss and I licked him off some more. I was hooked.

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As the saying goes “to each his own”. A bull just cannot be treated like a cuck and enjoy it and vice versa. Personally I love the role of the bull. There is just something extra added to the sex act when hubby is there ready and willing to serve.

Wives who cuckold husbands

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Yes, I do blowjob and let anyone boo me when taking a shower! This is what I agree to do day and night not allowing a cock out of mouth and suck it devoutly!

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Don’t pay attention to my age or hanging-down breasts! I’m still a horny sex jockey that is ready to battle with any young and skinny porn whore in the home amateur fighting!

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Many years ago, I was the bull. Couldn’t wait to find the next married woman to get into bed or the next married man to humiliate. 20 years later, I find myself a full blown, card carrying cuckold.Which do I prefer? The cuckold of course. Having an understanding of both sides of the situation, I could never see myself going back to the bull side again. I love being a cuck and my wife loves me being one. Unless you experience it first hand, there is no way to comprehend the feeling.

Wives who cuckold husbands

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Even before we got married I knew I could never fully satisfy her sexually. I could eat her to satisfaction, but as soon as I tried to fuck her I cum within 2 or 3 strokes. Sometimes even before getting it in her. We had been living together for about three months when one night while I was at work she got drunk and let one of the guys we work with, and had a reputation of using women for his pleasure, fuck the shit out of her. She said she was sorry and I could really satisfy her with my tongue, but she likes a really good fuck too. I knew right then and there this is the woman to become my wife. all the women I dated if they didn’t put out the first date I know they weren’t sluty enough for me.

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