Hot Amateur Wife Story from Mike

I must start by saying, Thank Gosh for Web-TV…. I never dreamed that it would lead to my desire to have my wife fuck a stranger.

It all began when I was posted her nude pictures of her in a webtv newsgroup…. She got an email from a guy with a nice big dick…. after a while I suggested that we meet him…. to my delight she was all for it. I could not wait!
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Finally the big day came, we had a nice motel room and I had my video camera all set up and ready to go. When our friend came to the door my heart was pounding…. Rick came in an shook my hand and gave my wife a rose and a kiss on the cheek.
After a bit of small talk they started making out…. I could hear her moaning with pleasure as he felt her tits thru her clothes…. I saw her hand move to his crotch and begin rubbing his hard dick….
The next thing I knew… they were both stripping….As he dropped his pants I could see his hard cock pop out… a nice hard cock, at least 9 inches… she move to hold it as the sat on the bed…. as if she was reading my mind she bent down to suck it… ( at this point I was naked and stroking my hard on ) …my hot little wife was doing a great job sucking and stroking him… I reached down and stuck 2 fingers in her soaking wet pussy…. she moaned and spread wider. As I finger fucked her she sucked harder and faster… Rick wanted to taste her wetness, so they moved to 69… I could see her juice all over his face…My wife then sat up and positioned her pussy over his dick…. I watched as she rubbed his big cockhead back and forth over her cunt and clit…. then I watched as she lowered her pussy down to take all his cock. I had a great view as I was taping just inches away from the action.

She rode his cock for a good while… at one point sitting straight up and reaching down to rub her clit….. I knew she was ready to cum… she wanted him on top…. she wanted it bad….I could hear her telling him how good his cock was…”Get on top and fuck me” she said in a begging voice… laying on the bed with her legs spread wide fingering her clit “fuck me…fuck me now..please I want your cock in me …fuck me”she said as he pulled her knees up as he slid his big hard dick in her ” you like my big dick don’t you” “You like me fucking you…oh your pussy is so wet” he said as he started fucking her hard and fast…It did’t take long as they both started cumming… she was cumming so hard and loud…. It made me cum…. all 3 of us cumming at the same time!!…. It could not have been better. The rest of the night we all 3 ended up naked in the bed together… my dick in her mouth , Rick in her pussy…. trading off from mouth to cunt…. cumming on her tits and face….

When we woke in the morning…. Rick fucked her again before leaving…. We have gotten together several more times….

Good old webtv is gone… but the fun it brought us was well worth the 19.95 per month that we paid back then….. I will admit that my writing skills leave a lot to be desired … but I hope some of you will enjoy this. It is good to talk with those of you that enjoy sharing your wives…..

BTW…. Hope you all will check out my video of her fucking me…..

Amateur stories wife from Mike

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